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Dr Teo provided beneficial structural plans to summarise the history and examination findings. It was a very well-organised class where you could practice the cases with him, which simulated the actual exam pattern. I highly recommend it to other people, especially those from outside the UK, as we are new to this type of examination pattern. On this platform, you will quickly get an overall idea about the exam and marking scheme and will practice directly one-on-one with Dr Teo.

Dr Divya Pandey, Singapore, May 23

This is a very informative course and highlights main point and what i need to look out for to prepare for the upcoming clinical examination.

Dr Pui San, Malaysia, May 23

The course is very helpful in highlighting what candidates can expect in the exam, how to approach each station, and how to summarise and present each case.

Dr Andrew Yong, Malaysia, May 23

Dr Teo is amazing, he gives you the AtoZ for the exam. A concise rapid review course, just what I needed. The best points from the course have to be his kind and attentive manner, patient approach, starting from the basics so you will benefit no matter what your knowledge level and providing useful tips and phrases that we can memorize and use during the exam. The course duration was also very appropriate and Dr Teo was very considerate regarding cultural sensitivities such as knowing that we might need prayers breaks as candidates from the UAE. Really appreciate that

Dr Nida Sacrani, Dubai, August 22

An eye opener to new MRCPCH format. Very informative. Kudos to Dr Teo and the team. Dr Teo himself is very inspiring and encouraging. Will practice using his tips and tricks. Tq so much.

Dr Siti Nor Rahim, Malaysia, Jan 21

Excellent, unique, comprehensive course. The focus on how to formulate a structure for presentation is what other courses cannot provide.

Dr Matthew Ho, Hong Kong, Jan 21

This is one the best courses I've attended. It is highly professional, non judgemental, case selection was very good and the teaching was very targeted. The unique thing about this course is that templates were given guiding how to best present the summaries after every station, how to sound sleek which I have not experienced in any other courses that I have attended. Thank you very much. It does not just say the importance of being sleek, the course shows how to, I will definitely recommend to a friend.

Dr Fathima Farzana, Dubai, Aug 21

Highly recommend the course!! It provides good structure, well organised, better understanding for preparing MRCPCH Clinical Exam.

Dr WWF, Malaysia, Feb 21

It is a fantabulous course.. Very informative and the speaker was very patient and encouraging.. Would love to attend it again sometime later.

Dr CYX, Malaysia, Feb 21

I initially just join to get to know the format of exam as I am confuse and dont know how to start my study again as I had stopped study for a moment due to several issues that happened, which ultimately I lost my interest in paediatric But thanks to this course, I knew I am lacked of a lot of things and perhaps i think this will drive me to start study again. Thank you so much

Dr KWT, Malaysia, Aug 21

Excellent preparation course as it gives me a better idea of what to anticipate in the new adapted exam. Will definitely recommend it!

Dr HH, Malaysia, Mar 21

A good preparatory course that gives you a bird's eye view on the new exam format. Important exam tips that would definitely ease one's own journey to embark on this clinical examination. A very well spent weekend.

Dr DAL, Malaysia, Mar 21

I enjoyed the course throughout and I found it very informative. Dr Teo was really supportive and he guided us thoroughly. I felt comfortable and confident throughout. In short, I'd recommend this course to anyone and everyone planning to take up the exam and wants an overview of the format.

Dr VR, Malaysia, Aug 21

I find this course very useful. It’s very well organised that it gives us the latest insight about the clinical exam structure with many practical top tips! Dr Teo’s personality is the bonus point for this course. It’s indeed a motivating force and helps boost our confidence in preparation for the exam.

Dr TSC, Malaysia, Apr 21

Very useful. Things are much clearer now and this enables me to formulate my practice sessions in the coming weeks. It has also made me realized that this new system isnt that complicated after all.

Dr KRY, Malaysia, Apr 21

Thank you very much to Dr Teo for willing to spend time during weekends to teach and guide us through. The course was like a clinical mock exam with instant feedback and guided answering techniques and tips to score and pass the MRCPCH clinical exam. Very intense but precise. Thank you for the effort much appreciated.

Dr PYS, Malaysia, Apr 21

Thank you for the teaching over the past two days. I learned a lot from the tips that were provided during the course

Dr TYS, Singapore, Apr 21

Very intense yet concise & comprehensive course. Appreciate the heartfelt feedback given. Would recommend it to candidates who need a booster dose of confidence and exam skills.

Dr AGX, Malaysia, May 21

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