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Online Clinical Course

Are you a paediatrician preparing for the MRCPCH clinical exam? Do you want to boost your communication, presentation, summarisation skills, and clinical knowledge? Look no further!


Our 2 days intensive online course is designed specifically for Asian candidates like you, aiming to help you excel in every aspect of the exam. Our expert instructor, a current paediatrician in the UK, will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the essential skills and knowledge you need to succeed.


With our course, you'll learn how to effectively communicate with patients, role players, and examiners, so you can build rapport, convey complex ideas clearly, and handle challenging scenarios with confidence. 


You'll also master the art of summarising information, so you can quickly and accurately relay your key findings and sounds sleek and professional whilst doing so. 


In addition, our course will provide you with extensive clinical knowledge, so you can confidently diagnose and give management plan to a wide range of conditions. 


You'll learn from past questions, practice scenarios, and interactive exercises, so you can apply your knowledge in a practical and engaging way.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our online course today and take the first step towards acing the MRCPCH clinical exam!

Next Course 1st - 2nd June 2024 (Saturday - Sunday)


Join NOW to prepare for your next MRCPCH Clinical Exam!!


Course fee: £700

Intensive One-to-One sessions are also available. Contact us for details!


MRCPCH Online Clinical Course

Welcome to the MRCPCH Online Clinical Course - your comprehensive support for excelling in the new clinical examination format.

At our course, we understand that many Asian candidates face challenges in the exam, not due to a lack of knowledge, but rather differing expectations in communication skills compared to the UK. That's why we prioritise honing your OSCE technique, presentation skills, and effective communication with examiners and simulated patients.

Led by Dr. Teo, an experienced UK Paediatric GRID subspecialty registrar in Paediatric Respiratory medicine in Cambridge and London, our course ensures you receive the highest quality instruction from a renowned expert. Dr. Teo's extensive experience in teaching, clinical examinations, and clinical management, along with his Asian background, makes him uniquely equipped to guide you through the exam preparation process.

Dr. Teo's current involvement in the United Kingdom Paediatric Training Programme and role as a clinical tutor for Leicester Medical School provide valuable insights into the communication and clinical management standards expected within the UK healthcare system.

With a track record of successfully training over 100 candidates from Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, India, and Singapore, we take pride in being recognised as one of the best in our field. Join us and discover firsthand why we stand out from the rest.

Prepare for success in your clinical exam - enroll today at the MRCPCH Online Clinical Course


Hear It From the Past Candidates!

Dr Teo provided beneficial structural plans to summarise the history and examination findings. It was a very well-organised class where you could practice the cases with him, which simulated the actual exam pattern. I highly recommend it to other people, especially those from outside the UK, as we are new to this type of examination pattern. On this platform, you will quickly get an overall idea about the exam and marking scheme and will practice directly one-on-one with Dr Teo.

Dr Divya Pandey, Singapore, May 23

Dr Teo is amazing, he gives you the AtoZ for the exam. A concise rapid review course, just what I needed. The best points from the course have to be his kind and attentive manner, patient approach, starting from the basics so you will benefit no matter what your knowledge level and providing useful tips and phrases that we can memorize and use during the exam. The course duration was also very appropriate and Dr Teo was very considerate regarding cultural sensitivities such as knowing that we might need prayers breaks as candidates from the UAE. Really appreciate that

Dr Nida Sacrani, Dubai, Sep 22

Fantastic course and I can see my weakness points now so I have chance to improve on it .

Dr Nethiya Vengataraman, Malaysia, Dec 22

It was so helpful, different than other courses, explaining how to present the cases and the findings in a simple way … very useful

Dr Khawla Ahmed, UAE, July 22

It is very useful, a lot of tips and tricks. Covered almost everything in a very short period. The feedback on each candidates -highlighting our strengths and things that we could improve. Definitely will recommend this course to my friends.

Dr MJ, Malaysia, Sept 21

I love how we are given concrete examples of how to approach the exam instead of only ideas of what candidates should be doing. I like the size of the class as well, not overwhelming but still opportunity to experience all the types of stations and individual feedback. One thing I think that can be improved would be the sound quality of the audio cues, but I understand there are some limitations from the Microsoft teams system.

Dr PLP, Malaysia, Feb 22

This course is definitely a game changer for for those who are embarking on clinical preparation journey. The course was conducted by Dr.Teo who is amazingly pleasant, encouraging and informative throughout the sessions.

Dr HR, Malaysia, Sept 21

This is one the best courses I've attended. It is highly professional, non judgemental, case selection was very good and the teaching was very targeted. The unique thing about this course is that templates were given guiding how to best present the summaries after every station, how to sound sleek which I have not experienced in any other courses that I have attended. Thank you very much. It does not just say the importance of being sleek, the course shows how to, I will definitely recommend to a friend.

Dr FF, Dubai, Aug 21

Thank you very much to Dr Teo for willing to spend time during weekends to teach and guide us through. The course was like a clinical mock exam with instant feedback and guided answering techniques and tips to score and pass the MRCPCH clinical exam. Very intense but precise. Thank you for the effort much appreciated.

Dr PYS, Malaysia, Apr 21

I find this course very useful. It’s very well organised that it gives us the latest insight about the clinical exam structure with many practical top tips! Dr Teo’s personality is the bonus point for this course. It’s indeed a motivating force and helps boost our confidence in preparation for the exam.

Dr TSC, Malaysia

I initially just join to get to know the format of exam as I am confuse and dont know how to start my study again as I had stopped study for a moment due to several issues that happened, which ultimately I lost my interest in paediatric But thanks to this course, I knew I am lacked of a lot of things and perhaps i think this will drive me to start study again. Thank you so much

Dr WT, Malaysia, Aug 21

It is very helpful in alot of ways. I like that we are taught the correct and systematic way of answering the question in uk standard and what to expect especially to people who lacks uk system exposure. The standardised format of summary and presentation definitely helps us to sound more professional. I would give a rating of 5/5.

Dr SGT, Malaysia, Nov 21

Well organized and very helpful , you made this easy to understand MRCPCH clinical examination Thank you so much for ur valuable training , now I feel much better prepared for my incoming exam

Dr Ubhya Jumar, Brunei, July 22

Online Course Program Overview

2 Days Intensive Course


  1. Introduction to clinical examination

  • Updated examination format

  • Difference between virtual and practical exam

  • Point distribution and how to maximise points

  2. History station

  • Tips on gaining history and hidden agendas - the format you should use

  • How to present your findings in a slick and professional way

  • Mock exam scenarios with individual feedback and tips

  3. Communication station

  • ​Communication style and format according to the UK clinical standard

  • How to deal with common scenarios using a format

  • Mock exam scenarios with individual feedback and tips


  4. Development station

  • Taking a developmental history - the format you should use

  • The structure to present your developmental history and examination findings.

  • The roles of MDT and management points.

  • Mock exam scenarios with individual feedback and tips

  5. Video station

  • Common cases and tips to handle questions

  • Mock exam scenarios with individual feedback and tips

  6. Clinical station

  • New clinical format and how to handle them

  • How to summarise your examination findings in a structured manner

  • Examination method - cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, respiratory, ophthalmology, endocrinology, common syndromic cases and miscellaneous 

  • Mock exam scenarios with individual feedback and tips

  7. Question and feedback

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Course fee: £700
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